Emergency & General Contact Details

Out of Hours: 0330 1230938
(18:00 to 18:30) or 111(18:30-08:00)

Surgery: 01904 608224 (8am to 6pm)

Elvington Medical Practice

We're back!

13 January 2015, 16:19


If you're worried about your level of activity, come to our talk on Increasing Physical Activity, 6:30 on Mon Feb 2nd http://t.co/atN8h7IEjA

15 January 2015, 09:59

Listening, helping, learning

We live and work by the values of listening, helping and learning. We believe that these are the three key skills required to deliver a high quality and continually improving healthcare service. We hope that every time we interact with a patient these qualities are evident.

Our website is designed to empower you, our patients, to take more control of your health. We aim to explain what we do and why, to encourage openness. We hope that by understanding more about the Practice you will be able to make the best use of our services. We have also linked to health resources and tools we trust, to inform you quickly and on demand.

Practice News

Phone problems

We apologise if you have been experiencing problems with getting through to us on the phone.

January 2015

Telephone Appointments

The Practice is piloting a new scheme offering bookable five minute telephone appointments in place of routine face-to-face consultations.

January 2015

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