Emergency & General Contact Details

Out of Hours: 0300 123 0762
(18:00 to 18:30) or 111(18:30-08:00)

Surgery: 01904 608224 (8am to 6pm)


Community support groups

The Practice is delighted to announce that we are hosting groups to help bring our community together, designed for people who may feel isolated or needing support.

Mother and baby support group

The group is aimed at supporting the formation of new friendships in the community and the sharing of early parenting experiences in a safe space. Whatever your birth experience and however you choose to feed.

The group is free of charge and will meet at the Practice 11am-1pm every Wednesday during term time. Booking is essential. For more information contact Mel: 07500 623612 or york.doula.mel@gmail.com

Healthy Living support group

We are working with the City of York Council to develop a group to help support anyone who would like to exercise more, improve their diet or lose weight. Each month we will have a speaker to talk about an element of healthy living, with fortnightly get-togethers to provide a support network for all comers. There will be no compulsory weigh-ins, a set of scales will be available privately for those who wish to check their progress. Friendly advice and support will be the order of the day.

We are planning our first group for Monday November 3rd at 6:30 pm, with a talk on ‘Motivation and positive psychology’. Please keep an eye on our website and noticeboards for more information.

We want everyone who attends to find like-minded local people with whom they can share experiences and form friendships. We hope that anyone who has struggled with the confidence, knowledge or cost to seek out weight loss programmes will value a free of charge local group like this.

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